About the Artist
Joan Rand
I have drawn since I was a child in spite of the fact that my parents would not allow me to take art classes in school. I especially enjoyed drawing peoples' faces. I have never had any formal art training, being mostly self-taught by reading art books, taking classes and workshops from individual instructors.
When my children became older and I had more time, I started painting more and taking what workshops I could find. It wasn't until I moved to Denver that I came across an excellent pastel instructor and there I found my love. I had almost forgotten that I had wanted to paint faces until this rekindled my interest.

I have to paint. It gives me such joy that I don't even notice the hours slipping away. I especially love color and that is why I love pastel; the pure pigment has such radiance and immediacy. I love to paint the human figure and especially portraits, and I strive to get the expression and feeling of the moment in the faces of the people I paint. If I can also obtain their essence and character in my paintings then I'm truly happy. I have done commission portrait work and continue to do so.

I have participated in many juried art shows and won numerous awards, including First Place for Pastel in the Fountain Hills Cultural Council Art Show 4 times, and Fountain Hills Art League "Artist of the Year" twice. I have also had two one-artist shows and my work has been in several galleries, both in Colorado and Arizona. I have studied at the Art Student League of Denver and taken workshops from top pastel artists such as Ramon Kelley, Doug Dawson and Daniel Greene.  I am constantly striving to take my art to the "next level" and read as many books as I can find, as well as seeking out classes from the better pastel artists.
As most of my work is accomplished from Photographs it allows my subjects to include active individuals (especially Children) who do not have the time or inclination to sit long periods for a live portrait. It also allows for posthumous or surprise presentations.
Artworks are great gift ideas and can provide precious memories.